From Zero to Hero series: 

Before your 1st Lesson

1. Understanding the wind window

Understanding the concept of the wind window is critical if you want to progress in kiteboarding.

The wind window is the name given to the three-dimensional area downwind of the pilot that the kite can fly in. 

In this video you will learn the basics about this fundamental concept which will help you progress faster.

2. The trainer kite 

This tutorial looks at trainer kites (small foil kites) in detail.

0:20 SET UP





3. Understanding wind forecast

How do I interpret forecast readings? What do the best conditions for kiteboarding look like on a forecast? What kinds of things should I look out to avoid?

What we use to check the weather:

4. Kite parts and terminology

This tutorial introduces kite parts and terminology that you will need while taking lessons. It cover kite components and then wind orientations.

4. Nice casual overview of first lessons 

Watch this video to help you get the most out of your first kitesurfing lesson saving time and money.

There are a lot of simple things you can learn from a video, to help give a general understanding of, kite surfing, equipment, dangers, wind theory, basic kite piloting, etc, so that when you get down to the beach with an instructor, it will help you progress faster.

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Before your 1st lessons

Things you wanna know before hitting the water

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Setting-up your kite and safety



From Waterstrart to first Jumps