From Zero to Hero!!

OneKiter  his online program has been created for the benefit of Xxxx Clients. We hope that you can take advantage of this detailed guide for faster progression and enjoy our collection of tips, videos, guides and even a brief introduction into the world of kiteboarding. This programme has been split into 4 sections, THEORY an introduction, LESSON PLAN for students, AFTER YOUR COURSE guide and an ADVANCED section.  Section 1 And 2 are for beginners, designed for Perukite students or clients wishing to refresh their knowledge. Section 3 is for riders looking for skills to help become independent and Section 4 is for advanced riders and anybody wanting to join the community. We have even put together a list of Forums, blogs, kitesurfing podcasts, Helpful websites and the best wind forecast to use.

Before your 1st lessons

Things you wanna know before hitting the water

Setting-up your kite and safety


From Waterstrart to first Jumps


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