The Spot

​This is the go-to spot for Mauritius kiters of every level (Beginners, intermediates and independent riders improving their level, strapless freestylers, big air, etc.).

Shallow and relatively flat water will help your progression and be super fun. The spot is accessible by car and parking is not a problem.

During our winter and notably during the windiest months (June to October) the spot can be busy, but it's never too bad and it's definitely a great place to go and check out the sport. The best wind direction is South East (side-on shore) but can change to East (which makes the wind more gusty). On a typical day, wind picks up at around 9am and fades out at around 6pm. The spot is affected by different wind effects (both venturi and thermal) that can gives an extra boost to your session.

Style: Flat, Choppy

Wind Direction: E, ESE, SE, S 

Warning: Usually side-on or on shore wind so risk of finishing on the beach in case or incidents. North wind rare but very gusty and offshore

Directions to the spot: From the main road of La Gaulette / Coteau rafin, take the direction of Le Morne public beach on the little round about and follow the road on the way to Le Morne Héritage hiking track.

Students - Kite lagoon
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - top view 3
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - top view 4
Le Morne Mauritius - Full spot overview.
Kite lagoon le morne - Teaching map
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - top view 2
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - no wind day
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - no wind day 2
Kite lagoon - teach spot 2
Kite lagoon - teach spot 3
Kite lagoon - teach spot
Kite Lagoon Le Morne - top view

Anse La Raie 

The Spot

Anse la Raie is one of the most popular spots in the north. Less known by the worldwide kitesurf community but also less crowded, it offers a number of possibilities to different level of riders. The beach is pretty small and the spot can be tricky with its little bay but it’s suitable for beginners, intermediates and more advanced riders. 

For lessons, it is possible to stand in waste-deep water depending on tide levels. Surrounded by beautiful rocks, you can ride upwind and enjoy the best wind conditions in a huge crystal clear lagoon.

Style: Flat, Choppy


Wind Direction: E, ESE, ENE, SE 

Warning: Side and side on wind mainly in the bay, side on and offshore outside. Be careful on launching and landing the kites due to the small space on the beach, rocks, trees and sometimes gusty winds especially in SE winds. Always go quick in and quick out!!! 

While riding ,risk of going downwind outside the bay and not being able to get back inside the bay if wind is too light.


Directions to the spot: Follow the coastal road either from Grand bay, Pereybere, Cap Malheureux or same from the other side, Grand Gaube and Calodyne.

Anse la Raie - teach spot
Anse la Raie - Teaching map
Le Morne Mauritius - Full spot overview.

The Spot

The East of the country counts the best downwinders of the island. Poste la Fayette is a little bay that will allow a very safe launching and landing due to the nice beach of white sand.

Shallow close to the short and progressively getting deeper, the lagoon is usually quite calm with some chops on strong windy days. The wind will always bring you back on shore. Beginners can also walk upwind on the beach and try to ride downwind several times to get autonomous.

Style: Flat, Choppy


Wind Direction: SE, ESE, S

Warning: Some rocks and some shells are the only hazards that could affect the way of riders. Some boats are usually parked in the bay.


Directions to the spot: Follow the coastal road either from Goodlands / Roches Noires, to reach the public beach of poste la Fayette or same from the other side, coming from Belle mare


Best  Spots  for  Beginners   

Kite Lagoon, Le Morne 

Poste la Fayette