Dear fellow kiter, have you ever heard of kite paradise?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Mauritius has the best kitesurfing conditions in the world” is something you’ll hear from a lot of people. Great – however what does that honestly mean? Beginner and pro kiters want very different things.

Is Mauritius a true one-fits-all kiteboarding spot?

When starting out you’ll be grateful for uncrowded spaces and shallow water where you can put your feet down on the sand. You’ll also much appreciate the absence of killer waves attempting to knock you off your toes during the first rides on your board :D

If you recognize yourself in the description above, you got lucky: Mauritius is blessed with a near, regular shielding, barrier reef all around the island, giving way to massive flatwater lagoons; the ideal place for learning to kitesurf.

If you know where to go, you’ll additionally find some spots with very few kiters around, and a lot of space to avoid getting in each other’s way – very useful when you’re not 100% sure about what direction you will be going 5 seconds later!

What makes Mauritius extremely special, though, is the fact that it’s a dream destination for all kitesurfers (and even non-kitesurfers in case you know any!). The protecting coral reef, while at the same time defending novices from the waves of the Indian Ocean, also presents the best factor on which Southern Ocean swells can come to life and creates the best waves you will ever have the pleasure to ride .

Have you ever heard of One Eye, this mythic (and dangerous) wave?

What’s the best season?

When looking at wind stats, Mauritius is known as being a seasonal vacation spot for windspirits like us, with winds blowing reliably from May to November but, if you are lucky, you may get good winds even during low-season.

In the Mauritian “winter” you can anticipate steady winds blowing at around 20 knots most days, ideal conditions for your first rides and improving your kitesurfing skills.

Temperature-wise, things are a little cooler at this time of year, with the average air temperature being around 24 C° degrees (75 F°), and the water at very agreeable 22 ranges (72 F°), requiring nothing more than a pair of shorts, or, if you feel the cold, a thin wetsuit.

A comment from Eric: "Having kited for almost two decades now, I’ve considered a lot of areas around the world, and I can definitely say that Mauritius is one of the most amazing spots for all stages of kitesurfer that I’ve ever traveled to."

In part two we will discuss the most epic spots in Mauritius as well as travel plans and accommodation. If you liked this article, don't hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below. Stay tuned and see you soon in paradise!

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