Five Reasons Why Dakhla is the Best Place to Learn Kiteboarding

If you are looking for a place to learn kiteboarding, you should consider Dakhla, a city in Morocco, situated in Western Sahara, Africa. This city is a famous place for tourists around the world because it has a long lagoon and a beautiful view of the Sahara desert. It is a peninsula located along the Atlantic coast.

The stunning view of Dakhla makes it a perfect kiting destination. Dakhla is one of the largest kitesurfing lagoons in the world. The 40 km area surrounding the peninsula has a fantastic wave spot, winds remain steady throughout the year, and the lagoon has flat waters.

1. Best Wind for Kiteboarding

One of the most important factors in kitesurfing is wind, since it is what powers the kite. Dakhla has excellent wind conditions. The wind usually comes from north to east, at a speed of 18-30 knots and surrounds the Dakhla lagoon. It starts at 10 am and gets stronger around 2 pm. The kiteboarding season starts in April, so the ideal time to visit is from April to October.

2. Water Temperature

The water in Dakhla is very smooth and it’s temperature varies between 19-22-degree Celsius. Due to the desert, it can get chilly, notably at night. When you go kitesurfing, it is important to always consider the water temperature, and in Dakhla, you will need a medium-season wetsuit (4/3mm or 3/2mm).

3. Beginner Friendly

If you are looking into kiteboarding, Dakhla is the right place for you, since the lagoon has a lot of space for beginners. Flat waters make it a risk-free kitesurfing place.

4. The Dakhla lagoon

The lagoon in Dakhla is a massive playground with flat to choppy water. The wind can sometimes be a bit gusty but still quite stable and awesome for progressing or learning kitesurfing.

If you want butterflat water the Speed Spot with offshore wind is THE place to be, with the water being most flat at low tide.

Despite being one of the best spots for learning and progressing thanks to his steady and strong winds and weights-high water at around low tide, most kite schools won’t bring you there as they only teach in front of their resort.

At OneKiter we pick our students directly at the hotel and bring them to the best spot based on wind and tide forecast for the day, with the Speed Spot definitely being one of our favorites!

5. World class Wave spots

In winter, Dakhla can give world-class waves that are perfect for both strapless kitesurfing and regular surfing.

  • Oum Lamboiur is a place known for hosting world surfing championships. This kite and surf spot is located on the ocean’s side of the lagoon, delivers wind and waves at the same time. It’s the perfect place for starters to learn strapless kiteboarding. A famous hotel, West Point, is present at the doorstep of this surfing area.

  • Pointe de l’Or: This spot also offers the right conditions for kitesurfing, however, it is currently not working. This spot is 20 minutes away from the Dakhla Attitude hotel.

  • La Sarga: This place is a wave paradise. It has high waves that can reach up to 1300 meters and is working around 16 times a year.

  • Jail point: At jail point, you will have left and right-hander waves. It begins with 6 seconds period and works on a low tide.

Where to stay

The most suitable resorts in Dakhla for wind sports are Dakhla Club, Dakhla Attitude, Dakhla Spirit, and PK25. In these resorts, you can enjoy your vacations and kiteboarding. They offer the excellent balance wind for surfers and kiteboarders.


  • Dragon Island: Explore the island Herné (Dragon Island), one of the many geological curiosities to see in Dakhla. You can reach there on foot at low tide, and you will find a curious sample of shellfish.

  • White Dune: On the road to Mauritania 30 km from Dakhla, discover the white dune, a beautiful natural site found in the center of the lagoon. This site is also a favorite spot for flamingos, and you can go on a safari to take some photos. After 20 minutes of travel along the lagoon you will see the incredible landscape!

  • Other facts: The weather is mild the whole year and there is always a good sunshine. Temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C during daytime. The wind in any season is pleasant and refreshing. Dakhla weather favors fishing and pleasure for the lovers of gliding.


Dakhla a versatile place for all water sports and notably kiteboarding. Whit his more than 300 windy days in a year,the city has also hosted many kiteboarding events and attracted kiteboarders of all level from around the globe.

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